How To Post YouTube Videos

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There are several ways you can post YouTube videos. Here are three examples:

Just post the YouTube video URL by copying and pasting into your post:

Pasting this:

Results in this:

Using The Editor - 2 Methods
Use the editor video icon then selecting "Video". Then paste the YouTube URL into the space provided like this:

Results in this:

Use the same editor video icon then selecting "Provider" allows you to add width and height changes to your video. You will use the end of the YouTube URL for the
Full URL = 
So you need to only use the end which would be this: 6hu2rEYcqWg

The popup looks like this:

Setting the width at 700 Height at 480 would look like this:
[video  width=700 height=480 type=youtube]jz3Ed8eVGic[/video]

And appear like this in your post:

If you have any questions let me know.
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